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Top-Quality Leaf Guard Systems for Homeowners in the Chicago, IL Area

Leaf Guard Chicago ILThe leaf guard systems manufactured by the experts at GutterDome are among the most highly regarded gutter guards available today thanks to their unparalleled benefits. Chicago, Illinois, homeowners know that when they invest in gutter guards from GutterDome, they are getting a product that is strong, durable, and secure. For example, our leaf guard products are crafted from strong 6063 extruded aluminum, which outlasts the other plastic and rolled aluminum used by other manufacturers. We also coat our leaf guard systems with a clear anodizing finish to prevent corrosion, so you can trust your new products will look and function like new years after they are installed.

At GutterDome, we expertly manufacture several styles of gutter guards to ensure we have a product that will work for essential any Chicago, IL, homeowner. Available in both 4-5” and 6-7” sizes, our leaf guard products include the:

  • GutterDome Magma – This style leaf guard features a larger mesh, making it ideal for homeowners in areas with high water flow. GutterDome Magma gutter guards can also be equipped with an integrated heat cable to prevent the buildup of ice dams.
  • GutterDome Adjustable – This gutter guard can be used in conjunction with the Clynch Channel™ fastening system, so they can be installed on homes with steeper roofing pitches, or on homes where the guard cannot be tucked under the roofing material.

In addition to the peace of mind that comes with knowing your leaf guard system will keep your gutters free of leaves, roof grip, twigs, seed pods, insects, and other debris, partnering with GutterDome also allows you to rest assured that your investment is protected because our gutter guards are backed by the longest warranty in the industry – a 30-Year Lifetime Material Warranty.

If you live in the Chicago, IL, area and would like to invest in a durable leaf guard system for your home, contact GutterDome today. We will be glad to help you find one of our GutterDome Authorized Dealers in your area.