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About Us

GutterDome, Inc. was founded in Lincoln, California in 2010 for the purpose of providing a superior rain gutter protection system and “Best in Class” customer service sales support to an Authorized Dealer network of benchmark companies. GutterDome was quickly recognized and independently reviewed by a leading Consumer Report testing organization as the #1 Rated Best Product for Value and Performance that is available in North America for professional installation.

After three and a half years in various Executive level positions with one of the main and award winning micromesh gutter guard companies, the founder of GutterDome decided to venture out on his own to design and patent a rain gutter guard based on his personal experiences, engineering principles, building trade relationships and homeowner feedback.

The Executive Management team for GutterDome has over forty (40) years of business experience and acumen with both family owned and Fortune 100 companies in the disciplines of Advertising, Client Retention, Finance, Human Resources, Leadership, Logistics, Manufacturing, Marketing, Procurement, Quality Control, Quality Improvement (Lean Six Sigma), Sales and Training.

In the future, GutterDome will continue to be the most innovative and forward thinking company in the industry by expanding our current product mix with the launch of a value driven and eco friendly gutter guard. This new product will continue to leverage our strategic industry partnerships and allow us to offer the most comprehensive line of rain gutter protection systems in North America.