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Get Your Mind Into the Gutter this Winter Season 

December 12, 2018

The damage water can cause your home if not handled properly can become costly: water damage claims amount to $11 billion dollars per year, they are the second most often filed insurance claim in America, and 8% of that damage is caused by weather. One way to protect your home from the seasonal weather surges that winter brings is to keep healthy, clean gutters. Keeping your gutters clean and unclogged has its own dangers and costs: climbing ladders to tend these gutters has resulted in more than 500 thousand related injuries per year. Yet leaving them unkempt can lead to water damage to your home’s foundation, wood rot to your attic, leaks, insect problems, and more. Where lies the answer? Gutter covers and other gutter protection systems can offer the solution you need.

The Wreckage Water Wreaks

One-way water can be problematic is if it has excess minerals within it, known as hard water. This water issue can be harmless when drinking the water or bathing in it, but can present problems when washing laundry or in your sinks and plumbing. Hard water has minerals like limestone, magnesium, calcium, and iron inside it in heavy amounts. This can cause problems when these minerals build up around drainage areas like sinks or toilets and within the plumbing lining the walls of your housing structure. Much like having clogged gutters, this too can cause infrastructural concerns for your home.

Water damage from unclean gutters can impact different areas of the home in varying ways. The water from clogged gutters can pool around the foundation of your house and cause cracks, creating potential for collapse and infrastructural damage. Other structural aspects of the home at risk are ceilings, walls, and the roof itself. It harms any wood and wooden structures associated with the gutters, and causes destruction in the landscape surrounding your home. Clogged gutters are also a risk unto themselves; when water from rainfall accumulates with leaves, needles, and other debris in the gutters they are liable to fall and cause damage that way.

The Utter Solution To Your Gutter Problems

Gutter guard products are the solution to your gutter concerns. They prevent destruction in a variety of ways, to you and to your home. For your home, they prevent the clogs from building up that result in water damage to your home’s foundation, fascia, walls, and landscape. For you, they diminish the need for the risks that climbing perilous ladders to scrape your gutters clean by hand present.

Gutter guards, screens, covers, prevent debris like leaves, needles, and other organic material from gathering in your gutters. This way when those cool winter days bring heavy rainfall to your home, the water goes right through your gutters as it’s supposed to instead of getting caught in a clog and being rerouted to your home’s foundations or walls. This means that the risky annual maintenance of gutters by climbing rickety ladders is no longer necessary. By result, you have lessened chances at the possibility of a ladder related injury. And with these things in mind, you can relax at home listening as the rain pours without concern for water damage.

Content provided by guest blogger Jackie Young who is passionate about sharing her knowledge of DIY and home and garden maintenance with the online community.