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Eco-Friendly Guttering: Why It Is So Important for a California Home 

October 23, 2018

California is in the midst of a water crisis – and with some Californians believed to be guilty of using as much as a huge 300 gallons every single day on non-essential leisure facilities such as pools, something has to change quickly. As the OC Register notes, it’s important to respond to this issue with workable solutions rather than by simply creating more problems – and one of the ways Californians can do this is by thinking about their guttering. Traditional guttering leaves a lot to be desired, and it’s often easily broken and hard to clean. But new, eco-friendly guttering types, such as those made from metal or anodized covers, can lead the way when it comes to remodeling your home in a way that looks out for the environment.

They Last for the Long-Term

Eco-friendly gutters are specifically designed to last for a longer period of time. Some environmentally-friendly gutters, such as those made from metal, can last for much longer than traditional plastic gutters can – and this not only means a more environmentally-friendly approach, but it also means that you will save money too. The best options to go for are the strongest metals your budget will allow or products with anodized covers.

The alternative, less eco-friendly solution is to stick with typical plastic gutters, but these break down more often – and have a more environmentally destructive impact, too, as they often can’t be recycled. With over 35 million tons of material in California already being sent to landfill according to the California state government, though, it’s not a wise move to stick with non-biodegradable options. It’s clear, then, that choosing guttering options which last a long time is one of the main methods for building a sustainable house.

Save Water on Cleaning

Typical gutters often require cleaning, and that’s because they’re made from the sort of materials which don’t self-clean easily. But by opting for materials which are either metal-based or have anodized covers, you’ll be able to rely on your gutter to do it for you. With natural water sources requiring preservation here in California, it’s clearly time to start thinking about gutters which don’t necessitate endless buckets of tap water for cleaning.

Not only does this mean you won’t have to clamber up on to your roof to do an unpleasant cleaning job, it also means there’s less water waste. And with eco-friendly gutters also being much more resolute and resistant against cracks, the risk of damaging leaks is lower when using these. In sum, an eco-friendly gutter is ideal for helping rain to naturally wash away any clogs and then move back into the natural water cycle, rather than pooling or causing water damage.

Flexible Sizes

Because more care and thought have gone into their designs, eco-friendly guttering is generally a bit more customizable and versatile. Some leading eco-guttering brands, for example, come in both 4-to-5 inch and 6-to-7 inch sizes in order to snugly fit all homes. Not only does this make fitting gutters a breeze, it also means that there’s less chance of your new guttering looking unpleasant or bulky – which keeps California’s tidy communities looking neat and elegant.

Guttering is an essential part of the exterior of a home, and it’s the sort of thing that all homeowners have to think about in order to protect their drainage systems. But with California facing a chronic water shortage, it’s important to build in some consideration of the environment as well. From choosing guttering with anodized covers for maximum durability to ensuring that your gutter choices are self-cleaning in order to cut back on water usage, there are plenty of ways that your new guttering can benefit the environment as well as provide you with convenience.

Content provided by guest blogger Jackie Young who is passionate about sharing her knowledge of DIY and home and garden maintenance with the online community