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Features and Benefits: Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

July 13, 2017

There are several types of gutter guards and one of the most extensively developed is the micro mesh rain gutter protection system. This technology uses a filtering mechanism to keep debris out and is a better version than the large holed gutter types. For the most part, this updated system only lets water through, more effectively filtering out environmental debris and thus clogging the channels less.

The finer mesh of the gutter guards are usually made of surgical grade stainless steel and their frame of extruded aluminum for maximum durability. They are coated with a clear anodizing finish to make them immune to corrosion, which helps maintain their aesthetic quality longer at the same time. They do not bend easily and are designed to be highly resistant to different weather elements.

So, what makes micro mesh rain gutter guards effective? This type works along the principle of the so-called “water adhesion”. Water molecules tend to adhere to each other so when the stainless steel wire mesh is wet and the frame is attached well to the gutter and the roof, the water that flows from the roof to the screen simply follows a path through the gutter made by other water molecules.

Micro mesh gutter guards can handle a great deal of rainwater as to prevent it from cascading over the gutters. In addition, the system also helps prevent small critters from entering the gutters or vegetation from seeding and growing inside them. These advantages make the micro mesh gutter guards one of the most highly favored rain gutter protection systems.