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The Importance of Purchasing a High-Quality Leaf Guard for Your Portland, OR Home

Leaf Guard Portland ORIf you do not currently have a leaf guard protecting the rain gutters on your home in Portland, Oregon, consider the important role that these products have. Leaf guards help keep all kinds of debris from clogging a home’s gutter system, allowing the gutters to perform optimally as they channel rain water away from the home. A homeowner who doesn’t have a gutter guard system must climb a ladder to manually rid their gutters of clogs, a tedious chore than can even be potentially dangerous. On the other hand, homeowners who neglect this chore run the risk of having their gutters overflow, which can cause devastating water damage to their homes’:

  • Landscaping
  • Foundation
  • Fascia

Thankfully, these issues can be avoided by investing in a leaf guard from GutterDome for your Portland, OR home. Our products use surgical-grade stainless steel wire mesh to keep even small debris like roof grit and insects from entering gutters, allowing them to channel water away from the home as efficiently as possible. Our leaf guards boast unparalleled durability, since they are made of 6063 extruded aluminum that has been tempered to T5 and coated in a clear finish to prevent corrosion. Plus, we offer an impressive six styles of guards in 4” – 5” and 6” – 7” sizes, so we are sure to have a leaf guard that will work for you.

If you would like to have a GutterDome leaf guard installed to protect your home in Portland, OR, contact us today. We will be glad to put you in touch with a GutterDome Authorized Dealer near your residence.