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Premium Gutter Protection: Helps Prevent Costly and Bothersome Damage

October 10, 2017

Left alone, clogged gutters can lead to costly damage. In an Angie’s List feature, four main consequences of clogging were listed:

  • Ice dams. For areas with a colder than average climate, clogs can raise the chance for ice dams to form on the roof’s lower edge or the gutters. These obstructions cause the water to pool and later on seep inside the house.
  • Foundation damage. A clogged gutter will cause water to overflow to the sides and gather into a pool around the house’s foundation. If this remains unattended, the water’s erosive action will cause cracks in the foundation, thus risking a collapse.
  • Wood damage. Water can wreak havoc on wooden parts of the house, which is why gutters are designed to direct the rainwater away from these components. A clogged gutter can’t perform that job well and leaves wood vulnerable to rainwater.
  • Landscape compromise. If there are plant beds beside your house, water spilling over to the side due to clogged gutters falls onto those beds forcefully, damaging the soil and the plants. Moreover, mud splashes to the lower part of the immediate wall, making it wet and dirty.

It’s not just about the money, either. The damage would cause more than just a little inconvenience, and it will last until your gutters are fixed.

Determining a Clogged Gutter

You can detect clogs early by looking for some warning signs whether it’s raining or not.

When rain is pouring, take a look at the behavior of water on your gutters. If the rainwater spills over the gutter’s edges, you can be sure that there’s a clog. Check also if the rainwater sprays like a fountain from elbow joints and gutter seams. Lastly, little to no water flowing out of the downspout extensions indicates the presence of a blockage.

When it’s not raining, check for peeling paint on the sides, eroded soil under the gutters, gutters leaning away from the fascia, and dirty or moist siding beneath gutters.

If you spot these signs, your gutter needs to be unclogged. This would be a tedious process and you probably won’t want to do it again. Thus, a premium gutter protection system can help.

Having a complete gutter protection system, like those available from GutterDome, installed onto your home can protect your rain gutters from the debris that may otherwise enter these vital passages. Such innovative gutter protection systems will prevent clogs and avert the damage, as well as eliminate the need for troublesome and routine gutter cleaning.