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Four Major Issues: Caused by Problematic Gutters

April 20, 2018

Gutters are often out of sight, out of mind—you don’t worry about them until their overflow has caused noticeable damage to your home. When gutters fail, you could end up with major headache-causing issues such as a flooded basement, rotted soffits, foundation damage and even soil erosion.

Flooded Basement

Excess rainwater finding its way into the basement is enough to cause a homeowner to panic. After all, that’s where most people store much of their valuables. If there’s flooding, water will find its way to cracks in the foundation or wall.

Foundation Damage

When water pools around a structure’s foundation, it can cause significant damage over time, which can range from a massive termite infestation to substantial structural repair. As you can imagine, repairing such major problems is going to be expensive.

Rotted Exteriors and Soffits

When gutters don’t control rainwater, it can warp and decay the exterior features of the home. Materials made of wood and iron are especially vulnerable to water damage.

Soil Erosion

An efficient gutter system drives rainwater away from the home. An inefficient one, on the other hand, will let water overflow into the walls, as well as pool around the home and let it saturate the soil. Ground saturated with rainwater can erode the soil during heavy downpours.

Protect your home from potentially costly issues and repairs by ensuring the efficiency of your rain gutters, and installing a premium gutter guard system from GutterDome.